Baroque horse tack

For equestrians who like baroque bridle etc. We have selected extraordinary and beautiful articles of a fine quality, and are specialized in halters, (spanish, portuguese, hungarian) bridle, breast collars, bits and stirrups that aren’t available in ordinary stores. Many of our products are handmade with love for the profession (and baroque horses as Friesians, Andalusians, Lusitano’s and Lipizzans). Worldwide delivery and even cheaper in combination!


Baroque saddle cloth Primavera

Nice quality, supple cotton cloth Ravi Primavera.
Available in black silver.
3 layered pad that absorbs good, breaths well and dries fast

Spanish bridle Zingaro hazelnut

Hazelnutbrown Spanish repujada vaquera bridle with 2  types of browband possible (see pictures).

Baroque snaffle bit Ravi Fiore


Snaffle bit with decorated bitrings in baroque style.
To complete your baroque outfit or to give an ordinary bridle a baroque touch.

Spanish bridle Zoria


Cognac brown Vaquera bridle without throat band and with leather mosquero. Very fine quality leather.

Valiente and Querido black set

Black Portuguese bridle and breast collar with silver coloured ornaments.

Spanish stirrups Marbella silver

These baroque stirrups have a fine decoration on the sides, that gives an extra touch to your English or Spanish style riding equipment.